Empowering Our Customers

At Sibex’s Power & Cable Division in Homosassa, Florida, our team is dedicated to producing high power box builds and cable & wiring harnesses—all with unsurpassed efficiency and reliability. From Heavy Duty Battery Chargers to Green Energy, our cost-effective Power & Cable solutions are helping customers move forward.

High Power Box builds

  • Heavy-Duty Battery Chargers
  • Large Power Supplies
  • Green Power Control Devices

Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Capabilities

  • Data Communications Cable
  • Co-Ax (to include semi-rigid)
  • Discrete Wire
  • Ribbon Cable
  • Hook-Up Wire/Lead Wire
  • Audio/Video Cable
  • Computer Cable
  • Automotive Wire & Battery Cable
  • Marine Wire
  • Industrial Wire
  • Instrumentation Cable
  • Automation Cable
  • Torsion Wire
  • High Temperature Cable

Division Location

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1760 S. Dimensions Terrace
Homosassa, FL 34448
P: 352-795-0101 • F: 352-564-0772

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Sibex Power and Cable Division
Sibex Power and Cable Division
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